Monday, May 24, 2010

cause you're the only ten i see

i'm shipping out to tennessee for the summer for discipleship focus. holla! i'm so excited to see what does God shows me through the people and experiences i am going to gain. i am also slightly nervous about living in tennessee - pigeon forge to be exact! - for the next 10 weeks. but every time i start to get nervous i feel like God is just whispering in my ear "my thoughts are not your thoughts" and i know he is about to deliver one of the most amazing learning experiences ever. ah! and the best part is three of my closest friends are going on this little adventure with me too! i mean, God is good. all the time.

next i would like to take a little break about my summer adventure and vent about facebook for a hot second. i hate that it sucks the time right out of the spare moments i choose to embark of that little harmless website. it's like i want to get on for .5 seconds and then BAM! and hour later i am logging off. ugh. i need to use self control a little more perhaps but i'm just baffled that it's like a black hole where time doesn't exist. ok that's all for me. until we meet again....

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